How to make scented playdough.

The benefits of playdough

I have always found playdough to be a source of great interest to children. It is fun and can help restless or overstimulated children to relax by providing them with a tactile and sensory outlet that can be soothing. Adding a scent to the playdough enlists the olfactory senses and creates a further sensory dimension for children. It can also create an atmosphere and depending on the day you may choose to use lavender which can have a calming effect or possibly orange or lemon which can help to energise or regenerate.

Children are natural born learners and will always seek to learn new skills or strengthen their existing skills. Playdough can help children to strengthen their fine motor muscles. Greater muscle strength helps them to refine their movement and their coordination leading to the ability to willingly manipulate the playdough as they wish. This gain in muscle control and dexterity can be really beneficial to the child as they take their first steps into the land of penmanship. Interacting and playing with the Playdough over a period of time will also help to build the child's concentration.