A Bit About Me - My new beginning

About one year ago I became the proud Mom to a sweet little baby boy. He became our everything and we became puddles as we watched him grow. The journey has had its moments of utter joy and happiness but I would never say it was always easy. Ive made it through my first year as a newbie parent, which I think is grounds for a celebration, don’t you? And now that my little man has become a little more independent, I’ve had a moment to sit down and reflect upon my journey.

Ive started this blog to share our journey together. Im a trained Montessori teacher but a rookie mommy so for the first time, Im viewing Montessori through the eyes of a mommy and Im hoping to share it with you.I can’t say Im a perfect mother and I’m not 100% Montessori all day long - after all, I’m only human. With that in mind I hope that you will be able to get a real perspective of what it’s like to incorporate Montessori into your home while following us along on our journey. My main hope is that some of the tips and experiences I share help some of you along the road of parenthood.

Mommy and the Little Man